What are you doing to change the world?

Everyday all over the world regular people are doing incredible things to make the world a better place. At 1 Million 1 Love we celebrate and support these amazing people that are creating solutions for the many problems we face in today’s world.

Why is this important? Around the world there are many social challenges that can be solved. The United Nations created a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030. 1 Million 1 Love helps start and support projects that are inline with these goals.

By combining forces worldwide, from individuals to corporations, we can make a change.

With the 1M1L Community we will provide the right tools to empower people to make a change. Do you need support in project management, graphic design, publicity or something else? Please share your project with us and our team will review your application. If your project is inline with our goals, then you can count on our support!

We can’t wait to hear about the life changing work you’re doing so we can share it with our global community.

Apply for support for your project

Projects aimed at making social impact and are in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals will be reviewed for support.

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What inspired you to start this project?

How can people around the world support this project?

What is planed for upcoming period?

What are your goals for the future?