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Shea Butter Fruit

Mamas helping mamas: Companies with natural products bettering their communities

Many communities involved in the production of items we use on a daily basis work hard to provide basic needs (food, water and an education) for […]... Read more
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That one sneaky ingredient we unfortunately all encounter everyday.

If there is one thing that is worth waking up for, it’s delicious and divine chocolate. But wait, there’s more! What about cookies or ice cream […]... Read more

Unity in Diversity

At 1 Million 1 Love our mission is to unite diverse people from all over the world by raising awareness and working together to tackle social […]... Read more
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Easy ways everyone can make the world a better place

In movies the task of saving the world and making it a better place is reserved for superheroes.... Read more

Can social enterprises change the world?

Can you imagine a world where businesses provide products and services that are safe for the consumers and the environment?... Read more